March 2023

Added new photos of the last concert in Paris.

February 2023 : New show

Babel 17 will play the 12th of march at L'International (Paris).

L'International (03-12-2023)

October 2022 : New show

Babel 17 will play with Golden Apes et The City Gates at the Supersonic (Paris) the 11th of october 2022.

avec The City Gates et Golden Apes au Supersonic (11-10-2022)

August 2022 : New show

Babel 17 will play the 8th of october at L'International (Paris).

L'International (10-08-2022)

June 2022 : Cybercraft - Maelström Re-visited

Unreleased Goa Records has published "Maelström Re-visited", the secod album of CYBERCRAFT, a Goa Trance act founded in 1993 by three former members of the first era of BABEL 17. It is available on téléchargement sur BandCamp.

Cybercraft - Maelstrom Re-visited (2022)

January 2022 : Optional Essentials vol3 EP4

Babel 17 appears on the 4th and last EP of the 3 to the 3rd's OPTIONAL ESSENTIALS Volume 3 series, available on BandCamp.

Optional Essentials vol3 EP4 (2021)

November 2021

L'International (11-18-2021)

October 2021 : New show

Babel 17 will play the 18th of november at L'International (Paris).

September 2021 : Memories of the past

Track composed and produced by Vincent Remède and Jean Franceschi, to make a videoclip with early Babel 17 footages, for the 30 years of the release of the mini-LP "Shades" in 1991.

August 2021 : Voices inside my head (The Police remix)

Zendatta Remix by JJ Farell

July 2021 : Together In The Fall (Asylum party's cover)

In tribute to Thierry Sobezyk (1962-2019)